Choose between physical (live or pre-recorded broadcast) or virtual (RNG) lottery type, and manual or automated number selection.

Manage liability by pool, insurance or combi models, and fixed or dynamic prize  allocation.


Secondary & messenger lottery

Secondary lottery – betting on which numbers will be drawn in a lottery, e.g. Powerball, Euromillions

Messenger Lottery – buying a ticket for a lottery draw e.g. Powerball, Euromillions through local contact(s)


'Sharia' or charity lottery

Lottery style draws where entry is subject to charitable purchases and/or donations to good causes under licence or permit.

Manage liability using pool, insurance or combi model and fixed prize allocation.


Raffle and
prize draws

Raffle and prize draw. Offered as a standalone game with a fixed entry fee and fixed prize, or as a bonus game to a lottery or lottery style game.

Manage liability using pool, insurance or combi model.


Promotional sweepstakes

Raffle or lottery style draws where existing users can participate in special draws for additional prizes as a reward.

Manage liability using pool, insurance or combi model.

ams (1)

Agent management system

Multi-currency, multi-location system for managing individual and super agents.

Manage credit limits, sales, winnings and commissions in real time through one centralised agent management system

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